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Emergency Home Care

1. Removal and reinsertion of nasal gastric tube (NGT) or percutaneous epigastic (PEG) tube 

2. Removal and reinsertion of Foley Catheter or suprapubic catheter

3. Wound dressing with wound management and care advices

4.  Insulin injection with blood glucose test

5. Oral Medication Preparation with medicine administration advices

1. 更換胃飼管 (NGT 或 PEG)

2. 更換導尿管 (Foley 或 suprapubic)

3. 傷口護理包括提供傷口護理建議

4. 胰島素注射包括血糖檢測    

5. 預備口服藥物及個人用藥指導

Emergency Home Care 緊急家居護理: Services
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